uh oh, looks like tumblur user "pissaesthetics" deleted your spotify playlist over that last comment. harsh.














I wonder if pissaesthetics hears music differently after reading something ze doesn’t like.

The notes are the same, I’m confident in that. But, maybe, the brain chemistry has been altered in such a way that sound is processed in a new way. 

"ze" ????????????

people love to make fun of SJs by assuming they use neopronouns because apparently thats funny to them. someone on 4chan did that to me once even tho i clearly state my pronouns in my blog sidebar lmao whoops. liam youre the best and that band man is poo x

I use ze any time I don’t know someone’s gender. No one is making fun of anyone, you presumptuous shitheel. 

i dont need this

I’m not much of a teacher, but it feels like maybe you do need this. 

You said something that was wrong about me and you assumed the worst about me as you did it. You essentially painted me as transphobic to people who don’t know me. 

Then, when you were corrected, you dismissed it with “I don’t need this.” 

It definitely seems like you do need someone to tell you that lying about people is not a cool thing. 

Maybe because I’m in a band and have a public life of some small sort, you think you can speak about me in a way you’d never presume to speak about other people. Or, maybe you’re just an all-around asshole and speak this way about everyone. Either way, you could use a friendly headsup here. That shit is wack. 

so basically you care more about your image of being a pretentious intellectual the safety of trans people (numerous of which are your listeners and pay your dues)

you scold people for presuming things about you then go on to be presumtious about others

eat my entire asshole

There you go, throwing large issues into a conversation in the hope of derailing it. The safety of transpeople isn’t what we’re discussing here, is it? 

Someone lied on me, and I corrected that individual. If you make it about something else, you’re acting as a politician. Which, based on our previous exchanges, seems to be your lane. 

Regarding the asshole offer, is it one of those deals where I get the meal for free if I finish the entire thing? Like at a steak house? 

using the correct pronouns towards trans people directly relates to their safety. that one’s fucking obvious. to not use the correct ones (which are clearly labelled on my fucking blog) and just assume you’re using the correct ones is a) fucking lazy for a start, b) an act of oppression

get off your fucking throne, your (awful) web brand is not more important than this

You wanted me to go to your blog to read your preferred pronouns instead of using an accepted gender-neutral pronoun that I apply to everyone whose gender I don’t know?

You can want that, I guess. 

If you in your heart believe I put you in danger by using a well-recognized gender-neutral pronoun, I think this conversation is at an end. You’re not in the right frame of mind to discuss this sort of thing. 

yes. you should have gone to their blog and read their fucking sidebar and used their fucking pronouns. its the bare minimum of being a decent fucking person, which you dont seem to have grasped by the looks of things

We have very different ideas on what a decent individual would do here. I’m reblogging this, despite you saying you wanted out of the conversation, just so people can read it and see your perspective. 

I don’t think there’s an obligation to click on another individual’s blog. I don’t think that’s what would make a decent human. 

you’re not a decent person unless you visit my blog, these people are hilarious